How to get to Mondavio

Italian School Dante Alighieri in Mondavio

Piazza Don Minzoni 2 – 61040 Mondavio (PU) Italia
Tel – Fax +39 0721- 978230 –

By bus (from Fano to Mondavio line n°72)

Taxi Fano
Train Station 0721/803910
Via Paoli ,Fano, 0721/801411

Taxi Pesaro
Train Station 0721/31111

Taxi Urbino
P.della Repubblica 0722/2550

Taxi Senigallia
Train Station 071/64946

Falconara (AN) 071/28271
The company Conerobus is offering a bus transfer service from the train station in Ancona to the airport (Falconara) and back. The buses operate from 6.30 a.m. until 19.30 p.m. every 60 minutes every day.

To book a taxi transfer in your language, please contact: CTF Taxi Consorzio Tassisti Falconara

Taxi Service
Taxi Airport service +39 071 918221
Taxi train station in Falconara service +39 071 910919
Taxi train station in Ancona service +39 071 43321

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